Erdem Just Says No To Fast Fashion

Erdem Fall 2012 RTW

First Miuccia Prada told everyone not to hold their breath for a fast fashion line, because “I don’t like the idea of a bad copy of what one does for the main brand.”  Now a younger designer is following suit.  British fashion wunderkind Erdem sagely pointed out that “once you start looking at versions of your work, it can get a bit dangerous.”

The designer’s declaration comes on the heels of a rumor, not that he’d be pairing with H&M, but that he might abandon his eponymous label for the still-available Dior job.  Erdem says he won’t be doing that, either.  (Though even the suggestion of such a thing is a “compliment.”)  However, after the most recent round of designer re-shuffling, it’s pretty refreshing to hear about a younger member of the industry wholly committed to developing and growing his own label, even if it means eschewing a jump to an established fashion house or a one-off line for a mass retailer.