After Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier Designs For Diet Coke

Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke bottles

Yesterday we discussed fashion’s major designer shuffling; today comes word of more movement.  This time the major player, however, is a beverage, not a dressmaker.  Following Karl Lagerfeld’s stint, Jean Paul Gaultier has taken up the creative director mantle for Diet Coke.

True to form, Lagerfeld’s Diet Coke bottles featured his own image.

Lest you think this is some of kind of honorary position, keep in mind that “Diet Coke creative director” responsibilities range from limited edition bottle design to web site content to the drink’s ad campaigns.  Keeping to a “night and day” theme, Gaultier is planning to create a bottle in the shape of a woman.  We assume she’ll be slim.

In a departure from previous Diet Coke-designer collaborations, Gaultier will also be starring in three promos for the beverage.  Apparently he’ll be playing a therapist, journalist, and detective.   Fun, no?  And it certainly makes Diet Coke one of the least expensive designer collaborations you can get your hands on.

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