The One Fashion Week App You Need To Have

Milk Made

Six seasons ago, Milk Studios and MAC launched fashion week shows to complement (and compete with) Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  Now Made Fashion Week, as the institution is called, has launched an app to go with its 50-plus shows — and it’s a must-have for editors, buyers, designers, and mere onlookers.

The Made app, which runs on iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms, uses Sonic Notify’s audio encoding format to transmit information (all kinds of data, as it turns out, which we’ll get to) directly to a user’s device.  The app is essentially an all-in-one accompaniment to either viewing a show in person or livestreaming it at Made’s site.  Viewers can, of course, use the app to see the looks in real time as they go down the runway, but while doing so can take notes, tweet the images, star their favorites, put together custom look-books, and access all the designers’ bios and contact information.  At the end of viewing a particular show and using all those features, just hit “email,” and one’s notes, starred looks, etc. will be sent right along.

One view of the iPad version of the new Made Fashion Week app.

Imagine if you could see a look coming down the runway — either in person or on your computer screen — and wave your arm in the air to mentally star the outfit.  Well, now you can. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has gone all in on livestreaming — will they be the next Fashion Week institution to offer such convenient technology?

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