The 5 Biggest, Best "It" Bags of Fashion Week

Celine luggage tote

Sure, tracking the trends to emerge every Fashion Week can be dizzying, but following prominent attendees’ garb tends to be at least a little more uniform.  In particular, one accessory usually stands out — the “It” bag.  You might hear this expensive item is dead, but as New York Fashion Week street photography keeps proving, it’s alive and kicking.  Or at least, it’s alive and slung over a lot of influential forearms.  Starting with this week’s major player, let’s take a look at the top five “It” bags to emerge (and stay put) during recent Fashion Weeks.

Céline’s luggage tote is the bag of the season.

1.  Céline luggage toteWWD just declared this number the “It” bag of Fall 2012 Fashion Week.  The $2500 item might be ubiquitous now, but we’d like to point out that it started taking off in the front rows of the shows in September.

This bright bag proved popular during the Spring 2012 shows last September.

2.  Cambridge satchel:  Though the Céline tote was beginning to make an appearance, last fall’s shows were undoubtedly ruled by the very functional, super bright, and far more inexpensive (it’s under $200!) Cambridge satchel.

The Proenza Schouler PS1 in black, a go-to bag if ever there was one.

3. Proenza Schouler PS1:  The PS1 was the editors’ It bag of choice during the Fall 2011 shows of February last year, though we’re sure the classic-looking, pricey satchel will still be found on stylish arms this week.

A green Givenchy Nightingale bag, spotted during the shows in February 2010, by the fashion blog Natalieology.

4.  Givenchy Nightingale:  This convertible satchel-tote also made its presence known among the attendees of Fashion Week during the shows last February and the year before (when the photo above was taken).

Linda Evangelista carted a YSL Muse tote around Paris Fashion Week, helping the item achieve instant must-have status. Photo courtesy of Life.

5.  Yves Saint Laurent Muse:  When YSL debuted its Muse bag in 2006, the purse became an instant classic.  It probably didn’t hurt that Linda Evangelista toted a brand new, sage green version to Paris Fashion Week that very February.

So, any thoughts on what might be the next big “It” bag of Fashion Week Spring 2013?  Or does the fact that the bag changes almost every season dull your interest?