Online Retailer of the Week: Signature

Signature mobile app

The San Francisco-based start-up Signature Labs just launched an eponymous iPhone app, with $1.1 million in funding.  The tool has been built from the get-go to serve both retailers and shoppers, and, despite its techie nature, bring the two camps closer together.

Signature recently signed on 7 For All Mankind as a retailer offering the app’s mobile personal shopper tools.

For consumers, Signature is an extension of a real personal shopper.  After greeting the user in-store, the app provides them with basic data, on new items and store events, along with way more personal information, like whether their preferred store employees are on hand.

How such particular information reaches the shopper in question is up to the retailer managing the app — all of the data is controlled on their end.  Store employees can use Signature to tailor news and updates to specific customers, or let them know when their sizes or favorite brands are in stock.  Basically, associates use the mobile tool to augment their own work.

Once users check in at a particular store, they have full access to personalized shopping assistance.

At present, customers can download the app for free; stores wishing to employ Signature need to contact the company directly.  The app, which is still in the process of being rolled out, has national brands like 7 For All Mankind on board; they’re looking to add more and become truly public this spring.

As a curated shopping experience that brings together mobile technology with brick-and-mortar retail, Signature might be on to something unique.  As they add more stores and brands to their roster, we’ll be interested to see the impact they have on in-person shopping.  Because stores themselves are looking to add ways to reconcile their physical outposts with mobile’s increasing prevalence, Signature might become a great go-to piece of technology for outsourcing the effort.