Online Retailer of the Week: Clothia


Clothia isn’t just useful, it looks good.  We love the fashion illustrations decorating the site.

In the ongoing race to provide online fashion one-stop shops that seamlessly integrate a range of services, Clothia is the emerging pack’s newest standout.  Still in beta, the very pretty site offers a combination of style tools that we haven’t yet seen put together in this particular way.

The site inspires sartorial confidence, peppered as it is with highly detailed professional fashion illustration.  Meanwhile, Clothia’s pinboard tool, for creating and saving looks, is easy to navigate.  What’s great about this is you can choose, spur of the moment, from garments across the web (à la Shopstyle) or from previously saved items (like Wantworthy or Pinterest, Clothia has users add a “clipper” to the toolbar to save items at any time).  Lest this be an overwhelming amount of choice, while using the pinboard tool, one can search by keyword to narrow down a broad category like, say, “tops.”

Clothia’s pinboard tool is easy to use.

What’s also very cool about Clothia, though, is that it does more than just promote shopping and searching for new items.  Because the site makes it easy to upload images, it encourages working pieces that you already own into the online image boards. (Think of it as a tracking device for your existing closet.)  Best yet, the pinboard program is on the augmented reality bandwagon, with a “mirror” tool to allow users to virtually try on new looks and clothing.

Don’t forget to check out Clothia Loves, featuring fashion photography from the international glossies.

Last but not least, there is, of course, a social component, with users able to follow one another, share looks, or promote their pinboards over Facebook and Twitter.

With so many multipurpose fashion start-ups emerging, what gives Clothia legs?  Well, we think it’s the combination of good looks and and a seamlessly integrated interface.  The site’s fashionable founder, Elena Silenok, has a Master’s degree in computer science, and BetaBeat listed her as a female tech entrepreneur to watch last summer.  Besides offering a number of useful tools, Silenok’s site does it in a really well-built way — once it moves beyond beta, Clothia could become a go-to for fashion as Pinterest is for lifestyle.

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