Filled With House Lore, Dior Launches DiorMag Today


It’s a banner week for retail editorial launches.  Yesterday, Gap debuted their pictorial joint effort with bloggers, Styld.By.  Today, the house of Christian Dior reveals DiorMag, in French, English, and soon, simplified Chinese.  The magazine is online, with iPhone and iPad versions in the works.

Welcome to DiorMag.

The web publication features short editorials accompanied by big pictures, and it’s hard not to like.  Most of the content is intended to support the brand, from stories about Christian Dior’s younger sister (she was the original “Mademoiselle Dior”) to the quirky history on Dior’s latest “VIII” watch.  DiorMag will also be the venue where the house livestreams one of its shows for the first time ever, on Friday.

According to WWD, Dior plans to update the magazine regularly with news from their Paris headquarters on the Avenue Montaigne.  We hope they also keep the house lore coming.  Did you know Dior himself was so superstitious, he sewed lily of the valley sprigs into the lining of his dresses before shows?  Yeah, neither did we — and it’s pretty cool to learn about a 65-year-old couture house.