Which Social Media Platforms Will Take Off in Fashion in 2012?

Burberry on Instagram

Burberry uses Instagram to post pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, one of the faces of the brand.

Facebook and Twitter aren’t old news — yet — but fashion’s big guns have mastered those social media channels.  So, where’s the industry to turn next?  If the industry’s successful embrace of Tumblr proves anything, it’s that the public appetite for branded social media is still growing.  Thus, the savviest fashion houses have expanded to several other sites in order to access fans — and we expect those platforms are poised to take off in 2012:

  • Instagram:  The mobile app for photo sharing accomplishes the same social, visual goals as Tumblr, but in a prettier, scaled-down way.  Fashionably Marketing noted that myriad labels are already quietly using the platform as yet another channel of self-expression.  Like Facebook and Twitter, we believe Instagram’s appeal lies in its dual utility for both individuals and brands.

A view of Christian Louboutin’s designer profile on Lyst.

  • Lyst:  This web start-up allows labels, designers, and stylists to create profiles and running lists of product updates, sales, and news.   Users can shop the image-heavy lists, learn more about brands, or follow other site members for further fashion inspiration.  At 5259 followers, Christian Louboutin is currently the leading designer with a Lyst profile, but Alexander McQueen and Gucci are right behind him.  How long until the rest of the fashion world follows?
  • Svpply:  Like Lyst, Svpply offers its members picture-filled brand profiles with constantly updated product; unlike Lyst, those pages are driven by the site’s users rather than by the labels themselves.  Svpply gets the designers involved by encouraging them to add a sharing tool (similar to a Facebook or Twitter icon) to their online retail pages; that makes it easy for shoppers to import the items to their Svpply profiles.

How do you feel about fashion’s social branching out?  Would you follow your favorite brands on Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook, or turn to Lyst?  Are these channels a good way to learn more, or is it an overwhelming amount of information?

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