The Top 5 Collaborations Between Fashion and Art

Anselm Reyle for Christian Dior

Though the results of Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with the Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami might be the most recognizable of the fashion industry’s joint ventures with the art world, Louis Vuitton hasn’t been the only label to get the blue chip artist treatment (though they’re certainly racking up more art collabs than anyone else).  Beyond Murakami’s smiling-flower strewn bags, let’s take a look at the best designer-artist teams to get together in recent history:

1.  Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama:  Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs is a long-time fan of the Japanese artist Kusama, who’s known for her performance art and use of polka dots.   She’s the latest collaborator (following the aforementioned Murakami, as well as Richard Prince) in Louis Vuitton’s artist roster.  It was announced today that the label and artist have a collection due out in July, featuring leather goods, clothing, accessories, shoes, watches and jewelry.

Four looks by the German artist Anselm Reyle for Christian Dior.

2.  Christian Dior and Anselm Reyle:  The artist Anselm Reyle created a makeup palette and nail polishes for Dior, which debuted, appropriately, at Art Basel Miami in December.  The cosmetics were quickly followed this month by a range of bags, shoes, accessories, and household items, which are available exclusively in-store at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Reyle brought a wild pop of color to the label — almost everything features some kind of neon camo print.

Models sport Mara Hoffman’s artist-designed line at the Mondrian South Beach during Art Basel Miami 2011.

3.  Mara Hoffman and various artists:  Likewise debuting at Art Basel Miami was Mara Hoffman’s collaboration with five different artists, including Maya Hayuk, Eddie Martinez, John Newsom, Javier Piñón, and Spencer Tunick.  The resulting collection of bathing suits and leggings is more art than fashion — each design comes in a signed, numbered, limited edition of fifteen pieces.

4.  Banjo & Matilda and Tracey EminEmin might be a bit better known than the cashmere label Banjo & Matilda, so it was pretty nifty of the British artist to lend her name, and three of her works, to create a line of sweaters for the brand last summer.  A portion of the proceeds from the mini-collection were given to charity.

Three items from Bally’s forthcoming artist collaboration, the second in their “Love” series.

5.  Bally and Olaf Breuning:  The Swiss artist Philippe Decrauzat was responsible for last year’s fashion-art collaboration, Bally “Love #1;” this year, the Swiss luxury goods house worked with the video artist/sculptor/photographer Olaf Breuning to create Bally “Love #2.”  (Surprise — this line also debuted during Art Basel Miami in December.)  The full collection of leather goods and men’s and women’s shoes will be available this April.

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