The 5 Fashion Tech Stories You Need to Know This Week

Of-the-month clubs

E-commerce is heading in myriad new directions, designers are embracing video content, and H&M is coming to a television near you.  Read on for all of this week’s top tech news from the fashion industry.

Online item-of-the-month clubs are among the wave of new e-commerce sites.

1.  New e-commerce models are on the rise:  From subscription services to mass customization, online retail is offering a growing variety of new ways to buy — and those sites are taking off.  (BoF)

2.  H&M will debut television advertising:  The Swedish fast fashion retailer is creating its first TV spot for the U.S., and it’s going to air during the Super Bowl in February.  (High Low)

A still shot from a short film by the designer Phillip Lim.

3.  Videos are becoming more popular with fashion brands:  As a marketing tool, creating interesting video content is an increasing go-to for labels and designers.  It’s a perfect way to convey a brand’s message.  (Thread)

4.  Online style curator Lyst lets users follow everyone from friends to top designers:  Lyst pulls in products from across the web while making it easy for members to track both other users and designers, stores, and brands.  (High Low)

Lookmatic is one of several new online retailers specializing in good-looking, affordable glasses.

5.  A new crop of eyeglasses sites is taking off:  With a focus on offering stylish eyewear at affordable prices, a range of retailers are using streamlined online commerce to get the job done.  (NYT)