Our 5 Favorite Curated Online Picks of the Week

Blumera rose quartz love ring

Our favorite style curation sites seem to be taking inspiration from the holidays this week.  From fashion that celebrated the Chinese New Year to accessories intended to go hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day, our top picks are all geared toward current merriment, in one way or another.  Read on to get appropriately accessorized.

Blumera rings are made with (allegedly) healing stones.

1.  Rose quartz love ring on AHAlife:  If you’re pretty sure Valentine’s Day is going to come and go without the appearance of that other kind of ring, this piece by Blumera ($254) is a pretty good consolation prize. (And don’t worry, the gem also comes in non-pink stones.)

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with awesome accessories from the designer Charis Ng.

2.  Letters Couture bracelet on L-Atitude:  This week, our go-to global shopping site introduced Charis Ng’s line of accessories.  The RISD-educated, Hong Kong-based designer makes simple, sophisticated jewelry perfect for gifts — or keeping for one’s self.

We’re fans of these Native Boots in torch red, among this week’s editors’ picks on Svpply.

3.  Jimmy boots on Svpply:  Okay, so just because something’s red doesn’t mean it has to be related back to Valentine’s Day, but these durable boots from Native Shoes ($67) will at least see you through the rest of the winter in festive style.  Plus, they’re unisex!  All the better for getting matching pairs for you and your significant other.

This limited edition ring from Feliks + Adrik comes in a run of forty pieces.

4.  Belizean ring on Of a Kind:  Like the rose quartz ring above, this piece from Feliks + Adrik ($82) makes a great stand-in for more significant jewelry.  Of a Kind, which is offering the item in a limited run of 40, encourages stacking the look.

When it comes to engraved jewelry, it doesn’t get more straightforward than this.

5.  You/Me bracelet on Lux Fix:  This bracelet from MFP ($94) is currently available for pre-order only, but the designer exclusives site Lux Fix notes that it’ll ship in time for Valentine’s Day.  Even better, the Italian-made piece is adjustable, so you can get one for you and one for your better half.