Online Retailer of the Week: Lyst

Christian Louboutin on Lyst

We love Lyst because it’s a pan-internet shopping site that provides sartorial insight through social connections.   Well, that’s a bit of a mouthful.  Let’s break it down.

Follow Christian Louboutin on Lyst to track the designer’s products across the web.

First and foremost, Lyst provides a one-stop shop for extensive e-commerce for both men and women.  Shopping via the usual categorical breakdowns (type, brand, price, color, what’s on sale) is all in place; what sets Lyst apart is the attractive, image-heavy way it pulls in product from myriad retailers.  The site’s users can set their stylefeed preferences to help narrow down the avalanche of goods.

Next, what makes the site fun is its emphasis on its “follow” feature.  Like Svpply, users can simply follow other users with kindred taste, or they can track designers, stores, and stylists.  Based on their picks, the individualized homepage becomes a further refined style newsfeed, similar to the aesthetic curation site Fancy.  And the bonus to following retailers — sales alerts for anything on a user’s “lyst” will automatically show up in their feed.

For condensed sartorial inspiration, head to Lyst’s blog, Lyst It.

Meanwhile, the site also encourages its members to plug their own style.  A variety of widgets lets Lyst enthusiasts link their Lyst presence on their blogs, websites, etc.  The site provides buttons for users to install in order to attract their own readers to their “lysts,” product picks, or profile on the site.

Lyst’s operation makes a lot of sense in the way it acknowledges how women choose what they buy and how they get dressed.  Personal style is influenced by friends, strangers, and members of the fashion industry, from bloggers to haute couturiers, and thus encouraging users to curate online lists, comprised of picks and goods from this broad range of influencers, is really smart.

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  1. Alison

    I think the new french fashion startup got a better idea on how curate and discover products. The website works thanks to an algorithm which allows every user to get personnal recommandation of clothes that match with their style. To do that, it analyzes the interactions on the website and the similarities between the members of the community. The first results are pretty impressive !



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