5 Retailers Using Pinterest to Get the Jump on Valentine's Day

Barneys New York Valentine's Day pinboard

Is Valentine’s Day an opportunity to bring out your inner romantic?  Or is it the most nefarious of holidays, crafted by retailers and restaurants to make love a commodity?  No matter your stance, we’d venture that the holiday is at least a time to celebrate all that’s pretty and appealing in the world of pink.  And the aesthetic, social site Pinterest, one of the fashion industry’s newest favorites, is a great place to do that.  As we gear up (or hunker down) for V-Day, let’s take a look at five great retail pinboards that are all about St. Valentine — or at least, the modern iteration thereof.

Barneys’ Valentine’s Day pinboard, at a glance.

1.  Barneys New York:  For the ever-cool New York department store Barneys, it’s all about baubles this year.  The retailer is slowly adding to a “bejeweled” themed pinboard, and thankfully, not all of them are pink.   A Balenciaga watch?  We’d take it over a heart-shaped pendant for any holiday.

One of Etsy’s Valentine’s Day pins — heart-shaped, red velvet macarons.

2.  Etsy:  Where else to find lovely yet unique gifts, particular to just about any celebration, than on Etsy?  The collective site’s Pinterest “Valentine’s Day Love” board smartly puts together some hits for the holiday from Etsy’s various sellers.

Tiny Print’s pinboard is meant to inspire an entire Valentine’s Day party.

3.  Tiny Prints:  We’re loving the stationery maker’s pinboard for the holiday.  It’s peppered with relevant cards from the retailer, but serves more as an overall inspiration board for everything red, pink, and seasonally appropriate.  This might be a pretty one to send the way of friends not so inclined toward St. Valentine.

Among Rent the Runway’s “sweet” pins is this dress by Peter Som.

4.  Rent the Runway:  Given that their goal is to offer customers choice, Rent the Runway was smart to offer two Valentine’s Day pinboards, one sexy, one sweet.  Each features rent-able dresses mixed in with corresponding pins from across the web.  Depending how you think the holiday’s going to go, perhaps it’s a good idea to get a hold of a look from each board?

Getting something tiny for Valentine’s Day?  Martha Stewart’s got you covered with an equally small, vintage-inspired keepsake box.

5.  Martha Stewart:  Even more so than Etsy, Martha Stewart is a lady — and a brand — who knows how to co-opt a holiday.  Naturally, her Valentine’s Day-themed Pinterest page is a picture-perfect spread of love and cheer.

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