Louis Vuitton Sues Hangover II Over Misidentified Bag

Hangover II Louis Vuitton knock-off

Like everyone else, apparently the execs at Louis Vuitton just got around to seeing The Hangover II, and they’re not happy.  And not just because the jokes didn’t live up to the first film’s script.  In one scene, Alan, a character played by Zach Galifianakis, claimed “careful, that’s a Louis Vuitton,” about a bag, and the line went on to become a catchphrase.  The trouble is that the bag used in the film is actually a knock-off.

The item in question is made by a company, Diophy, which Louis Vuitton is actually also suing.  Now Vuitton has filed suit in New York against the movie’s producers, and wants either a share of the profits from the film or for the bag to be altered in the DVD release.

This has got to be one of the most unlikely, funniest fashion lawsuits we’ve heard about this year.  We’ll certainly be keeping an ear to see how it concludes — maybe Galifianakis’ character will be given a Moynat to carry, instead.

19 Responses to “Louis Vuitton Sues Hangover II Over Misidentified Bag”

  1. gman

    Louis Vuitton should be flattered someone wants to copy their products, not sue because a knock-off of its product was used as a prop. Maybe Smith and Wesson should sue the Flintstone cartoons for their inaccurate portrayal of guns (rubber band and piece of wood). Louis Vuitton, you should be a candidate for the Rediculist, if you are not already!

  2. Britt

    Apparently Louis Vuitton has lost ALL its class? How absolutely petty & completely unclassy LV… total fail!

  3. Blanche Debris

    Someone should explain the joke to the French. One assumes the character is so wrapped up in himself he cannot recognize an obvious knock-off. LV hasn’t lost all it’s class, it lost an opportunity.

  4. SHAME

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DONT BUY NAME BRANDS!!!! Greedy Greedy Greedy!!!! SHAME!!! A company that charges thousands of dollars for ONE BAG should not even care abou that!!!! Whoever gave them this idea to sue.. should be FIrED!!!

  5. Ray

    This is what happens when you have over-paid lawyers sitting around with nothing to do, the try to make work for themselves. These lawyers need to be outed! Louis Vuitton could save a chunk of change and save face by publicly firing these jackasses!

  6. Grumpster

    LV…what’s that…Larry Voldemort? Just saying “that’s a Louis Vuitton” doesn’t mean it is one. It’s satire…calling what obviously isn’t an LV bag an LV bag just to dig on someone who wants one but can’t afford it…that’s funny. Either way, it was free promotion for Larry Voldemort anyway and he should be taken to the cleaners for charging such an idiotic amount for a poorly made bag anyway. After all, my wife’s knock-off is a lot better quality than what I saw in the LV store…and only $25.

  7. Fred Clause

    Oh, please….this is just the same as calling someone the wrong name. So are you going to file suit against someone if your name is Andy and they call you Ted? This is just frivolous and LV needs to crawl back under the fashion rock from wence they came.

  8. Sunny

    Doesn’t the fact that it’s a knock-off make the joke even funnier?

    Screw these idiots with their frivolous lawsuits.


    That’s so idiotic and petty. Come on, it’s supposed to be funny. I’m pretty sure people watching the movie aren’t analyzing it to see if the bag is the real deal. Don’t these guys have anything better to do with their time? Money, money, money.

  10. Janie

    I’m glad theyre suing. As someone who can actually afford a louis vuitton I’m so sick and tired of ghetto fabulous people trying to act like they can afford the same things as me, get over yourselves, get a job so you can afford the real thing or just admit what a lowlife loser you are!

  11. MishS

    Janie, stfu, I can afford it all as well, but I would never say such a vain thing. It’s a movie, relax. If you were so classy you wouldn’t give a shit. As for the ghetto fabs, yeah, that annoys me too bc some retards cant tell the difference between a real and a fake so they think everyone owns an LV these days. But its a COMEDY movie, the bag is supposed to be fake, he doesnt even have a job in the movie how is he supposed to afford that? That was the whole humor in it.

  12. CarriJo


    I find it funny how you have to announce/brag to everyone that you can afford the bag. Well good for you! Usually when people brag about their money they’re the first to go bankrupt because they thought they could afford the “better things in life”. I think it’s very unclassy of you to talk down to people who can’t afford these type of knock off items. Maybe Louis Vuitton should sue all the people that are designing the knock-offs too while they’re at it. The company is obviously hard up for money so I say Janie since you have “all of this money” maybe you should donate some of it to LV because they must need it. Now I suddenly wish I could get back that minute of my life for wasting my time on this subject :)

  13. James A. Ritchie

    I can afford the real thing, too, but I don’t need the real thing to impress anyone. Some people apparently do.

  14. totallybugged

    The thought of paying so much money for a designer label sickens me, when there are so many people who are hungry in our own country.
    Donate that money to a food bank and feel good about yourself.

  15. stoopkid

    @totallybugged: you can’t bare the thought of it because you’ll never afford it. you must be one of those cool hipsters who only shops at the discount outlets in hopes of being ironic and not being superficial.

    preach on Janie.

  16. greentara

    LV has become such a sleazy ghetto brand anyway. Maybe because it it made in China? I only buy American made and would never buy such a tacky name brand anyway.


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