Go Try It On & Grazia Will Answer Your Weekend Style Questions

Go Try It On

A sampling of looks to judge on Go Try It On.

The style source Go Try It On, which lets users upload pictures of outfits to solicit fashion advice from the site’s community, is about to take its services up a notch.  They’ve partnered with the editorial Italian fashion site Grazia.it to answer members’ questions, on weekends only, in real time.

A very fashionable pastiche from Grazia.

For Go Try It On, the move is a great way to expand its European membership.  For Grazia, offering one-on-one advice through Go Try It On’s social platform is a dynamic means of engaging with new readership and budding fashionistas.  As for all the English speakers who’d like access to the Grazia editorial team, don’t fret if your Italian is a little rusty — the fashion experts will be answering queries in both English and Italian.

Our favorite aspect of the new partnership is the fact that the style experts are immediately accessible on Saturdays and Sundays — in theory, the time when women would be most interested in fashion feedback.  What do you think of Go Try It On’s initiative?  Do you think you’ll find yourself polling the Grazia editorial team one weekend?