Selfridges Putting (Helpful) Cameras in Fitting Rooms

Selfridges department store

The 102-year-old London department store Selfridges is getting a high-tech makeover.  Besides adding dedicated internal boutiques to showcase both established and edgy luxury brands (like Chanel, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, and more) the store is upping its dressing room game to compete with mobile shopping technology.

Shoppers familiar with socially-focused, style advice mobile apps like Fashism and Go Try It On will immediately understand what Selfridges plans to offer.  Fitting rooms will be equipped with built-in cameras, allowing customers to take pictures of their potential outfits and judge them from every angle.  They’ll also be able to directly send those images to friends for input.  If the social aspect of this takes off, we imagine it’ll greatly extend the length of Selfridges’ dressing room line.

A current classic Christmas display from Selfridges in London.

Selfridges has dabbled in tech-focused initiatives in the past — they once set up an augmented reality display in their windows to allow passers-by to “try on” Tissot watches.  Their new technological push, however, is much more useful (and, once you get used to the idea of a camera-equipped dressing room, not creepy at all).  We think this is a great way for the fitting room experience — which can be a drag — to keep up with the times.   What are your thoughts?  Would you send out pictures of possible new outfits right from the dressing room?


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