You Can Now Buy Oscar de la Renta From Your Newsfeed

Esprit d'Oscar fragrance ring

Oscar de la Renta, recently cited for having the most expensive clothing store in the U.S., also offers its fans major social media access.  The fashion house launched a form of Facebook commerce today that lets shoppers begin and end their entire transactions via the social media site.  The brand is the first of its luxury brethren to offer a form of shopping wholly contained on Facebook.

The F-commerce is limited at the moment to the brand’s new Esprit d’Oscar fragrance ring, whose eau de toilette counterpart made its own social media debut in April.  The ring can be purchased via the fashion house’s Facebook page or right from a fan’s newsfeed.  And further Oscar de la Renta items will be coming to the site soon, as the ring’s Facebook-centric launch is much more than just a publicity stunt.  CEO Alex Bolen told WWD that “over the next six months, we have plans to consistently introduce new products over Facebook,” part of a larger plan to engage both current and future customers.  As a brand known for outfitting chic women of a certain age, creating an active dialogue with younger fans in this way is smart.

Now, heading into the holiday shopping season, are you ready for retail concentrated on your newsfeed?  Would you be willing to click “confirm order” on the same page as status updates from your family and pictures from your friends?  It could be an efficient, if all too present and tempting, new way to shop.