The 5 Fashion Tech Stories You Need to Know This Week

J.C. Penney Clad

From a new editorial component from a mass retailer, to a luxury line that debuted commerce entirely contained on Facebook, fashion’s techie side had fun this week.  Read on for all the news you need to know:

Men’s e-commerce site Clad, a collaboration by J.C. Penney and Esquire, will debut next week.

1.  In conjunction with Esquire, J.C. Penney will launch Clad this Wednesday:  Initially set to launch in August, the retailer’s new men’s e-commerce and editorial style site will now debut next week. (WWD)

2.  Oscar de la Renta launches online retail entirely contained on Facebook:  In launching its new Esprit d’Oscar fragrance ring, the fashion house is the first of its luxury brethren to create F-commerce where the entire transaction takes place on the social media site.  (The High Low)

Burberry Bespoke lets trench enthusiasts create custom jackets via the company’s web site.

3.  Burberry debuts Burberry Bespoke:  The fashion house’s latest initiative lets customers customize their trench coats, from the cut, fabric, and color to details like the lining, collar, and sleeves.  The entire process takes place online, and custom trenches from the brand start at $1800.  (WSJ)

4.  There are 7 fashion forecasting sites you must know:  Staying ahead of fashion’s curve has never been so easy.  These seven sites advise users on everything from color trends to runway looks.  (The High Low)

5.  Start-up uses 3D scanners to create custom-fit clothing:  3D scanners — they’re not just for airports anymore!  New company Fitted Fashion is testing the technology’s use, along with its own pattern-making software, in creating bespoke jeans and suits.  (Mashable)