Online Retailer of the Week: Fancy

Fancy homepage

Fancy’s homepage displays users’ recent “fancied” picks from around the web.

It’s a blog, a listing tool, an aesthetic curator, and a deals site all in one, which is why we’re so into Fancy.  Like wish list tool Wantworthy, it provides an online platform for organizing pretty much any items one likes — or “fancies” — on the internet.  And similar to Svpply, the homepage provides aesthetic inspiration via a beautiful visual blog of others’ likes.

One of Fancy’s many discount partners listed on its site is multibrand fashion retailer 80s Purple.

Using the site to catalog products is easy — the site provides a “Fancy it” link to add to one’s toolbar; clicking it while on any product’s web page automatically adds the item to one’s Fancy list (this is also how Wantworthy’s listing tool works).  The difference here is that adding items from any of Fancy’s partner retailers also offers the chance to unlock deals from those sites.  They keep the operation simple — just listing an item generates a discount code, which is sent instantly to the lister’s Fancy inbox.

Though the start-up provides its biggest utility — the listing tool — without even requiring users to have the site open, there are plenty of reasons to explore Fancy itself.  A browsing section organizes members’ picks around traditional retail categories (men’s and women’s apparel, pets, home, gadgets, and so on).   A social gaming twist offers badges for the site’s most active users.  And we particularly like the way those members are engaged — Fancy’s denizens are none too fashion-focused.  A glance at the homepage reveals everything from fancied Chilean ski resorts to a Dutch tulip garden.

Fancy’s members are currently enamored of a ski resort in Chile.  Look at it — aren’t you?

But Fancy’s best feature might be the way it crosses over from the internet into real time.  Available as an app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, the mobile site allows users to photograph the things they love in real life, in order to add them to their personalized Fancy catalog.

And thus the site can be used to get discounts, find travel inspiration, or to document a stranger’s awesome dress.   No matter what, there’s some part of Fancy that should prove pretty useful (and maybe that’s why they just received another $10 million in funding).

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