Gareth Pugh, A Pop Star Favorite, Now Designing for…Vodka?

Absolut Vodka by Gareth Pugh

The young British designer Gareth Pugh, known for creating geometric, beyond edgy designs for both Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, recently released a collaboration with Absolut Vodka.  The result isn’t so much a redesigned bottle as it is a little bottle jacket.

Pugh was inspired by his own spring 2007 collection for the look, and subsequently used 3D mapping technology to recreate the “stealth bomber” arm piece in miniature.

Well, too bad Halloween’s over — this would have made a splash at a costume party.  At the moment, though, the bottle is sold out at Colette, in Paris, and the W Hotel in London, the two venues where it’s available.  Here’s hoping it’ll be re-stocked soon, as it would make an unusual if endearing gift at a holiday party.