Are Fashion Brands Turning Into Television Creators?

What Should I Wear by Mango

Are fashion houses making the jump from creating viral (well, viral with any luck) video content to entire original television series?

Longchamp is the latest label to launch an online web series.  The show, “Heels,” is being broadcast first on a British website, and will be shown in Asia and the U.S. at the beginning of 2012.  “Heels” documents a fashion editor’s life, and heavily features Longchamp’s ready-to-wear, accessories, and shoes.

Another European brand is already in its second season of original online content.  The affordable Spanish retailer Mango created “What Should I Wear by Mango,” a series similar to “Sex and the City,” intended to offer styling tips through a narrative storyline.  The brand, which is sold around the world, shows the 10-minute episodes in ten languages.

Longchamp’s new web series, “Heels,” features a faceless magazine editor.

After the runaway success of high fashion one-off video content — like Lanvin’s piece featuring models dancing to Pitbull — creating full-on web series might be the logical next step for labels.  Whether more brands dive in to producing their own shows or just heavily promote a partnership with an existing series, we’re interested to see where fashion’s increasingly close relationship to television will be heading next.