9 Designers Creating…A Charitable Stuffed Animal?

designer Pudsey bears

Some of Britain’s edgiest designers are lending their creative talents to a teddy bear — for charity.   Hey, if other fashion houses can go all in on a commemorative Starbucks t-shirt, why shouldn’t children get a plaything made by the likes of Jonathan Saunders?

The full range of designer bears created for the BBC’s Children in Need foundation.

To raise funds for the BBC’s Children in Need program, the one-of-a-kind toys are being auctioned off on eBay.  Bidding starts at $320.  Among the other designers and labels involved with the project are Henry Holland (perhaps best known for the dress in which a very pregnant MIA performed at the Grammys) and Mulberry, a bona fide British heritage leather goods house (they created a leather bear, naturally).

So, what do you think?  Online designer retail that benefits a range of charities is on the rise.  Would you also donate to charity by gifting your little one with a piece of the fashion world?