Would You Wear Milk Fiber Clothing? (It's Chemical-Free!)

QMilch dresses

You actually already have the chance to — the German designer/microbiologist (how’s that for a dual career?) Anke Domaske has developed a fabric made from the concentrated protein casein, found in milk.  She calls the new, easily washable fiber QMilch.

QMilch is incredibly admirable for being the first man-made fabric manufactured with absolutely no use of chemicals.  And it feels like silk.  Earlier prototypes of milk-protein fabric do exist; those, however, weren’t created primarily from casein and required a chemical process in their fabrication.

Domaske has already begun incorporating the new fiber into her line, Mademoiselle Chi Chi, and has a collection in the works centered entirely around QMilch.  Meanwhile, because the milk fabric has naturally antibacterial properties, it could be used in makeup, medicine, and as an antidote to your filthy car — some automakers have even begun exploring the fiber’s use in car upholstery.

3 Responses to “Would You Wear Milk Fiber Clothing? (It's Chemical-Free!)”

  1. bealovessvea

    Small issue here. There is no possible way to make something that is “chemical free.” Chemicals are a building block of life, our bodies, plants, buildings, fabric – everything. If you meant that, in this case, the fabric is built from a natural milk protein rather than an artificial substance created in a lab, than you are correct. But proteins are chemical compounds, just like everything is a chemical compound.

  2. Daniela

    Hello there:
    I would like to buy a summer dress made by 100% milk or Qmilch brand.
    Can you send me via email some of your collections. I am size L with US size or 14.

    Thank you!
    Daniela Haglund


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