Vogue Debuts Online FW & Public Poll On Influential Fashion Figures


Forget that Condé Nast is the new stage parent of the publishing world, creating an entertainment division and pushing its titles and editors onto television.  Within the Condé empire, the British wing of Vogue.com is launching an online fashion week.   The event will be held from December 5-9, and Vogue has partnered with the Online Fashion 100 to solicit public voting on the year’s most influential (British) online fashion figures.

It’s pretty cool that the magazine and the yearly survey are looking to bestow their honors with public input.  Some of the categories are industry-centric, like online retail director (basically, fashion business people) and “top family unit” (which amounts to online retail run by rather fashionable families).  Other categories to vote on include top blogger and male and female best-dressed online fashion personalities.

One candidate in the Online Fashion 100′s poll on the most influential online fashion figures.

As for the fashion week itself, the magazine is working with numerous to-be-named online retailers to offer one-off collections, discounts, and fresh editorial content, all of which will filter through both Vogue‘s British and American sites.  Given its timing a few weeks before Christmas, it’s hard not to see the fashion week as an editorially-driven push for increased online holiday shopping.  That said, with Vogue at the helm, the production will certainly be fashionable.  Will you vote in the poll?  And more importantly, can you take an online-only fashion week seriously?