POLL: Do You Buy Re-Sold Designer Fast Fashion?

Jimmy Choo for H&M on eBay

Those three-digit eBay prices are for Jimmy Choo’s H&M one-off collection, not the luxury label’s main line.

Exclusive, limited edition designer lines for mass retailers have given rise to a new re-sale culture, in which some shoppers snap up items for both immediate and further out re-sale on eBay and in consignment stores.  It makes sense, given that Missoni for Target, for instance, proved so popular it temporarily crashed Target’s site the morning the collection launched.

But re-sale prices can be consistently higher than their original value — eBay sellers’ markup for popular, well-known designer diffusion lines (like Missoni for Target or Jimmy Choo for H&M) is often between 25 and 400%.  Sometimes those prices are paid by buyers in other countries where Target, at least, isn’t available.  But often enough, the sales are domestic.  So what induces shoppers to pay almost as much for diffusion items as they would for the real thing?  Is it the allure of the limited availability, or is it the designer name, even qualified by the masstige retailer’s stamp?  Do you go in for re-sold diffusion goods?