Our 5 Favorite Curated Online Picks of the Week

Noir Jewelry Dinosaur Bones bracelet

These online retailers make it to their job to suss out the best of the web on a regular basis.  From their most fashionable finds, we’ve put together five of the top items newly offered this week.  And in the spirit of Halloween, some of our current favorites might just be stylish and a bit…spooky:

Noir Jewelry’s Dinosaur Bones bracelet, found on Wear Ever You Are, $450.

1.  Dinosaur Bones bracelet on Wear Ever Your Are:  Wear Ever You Are is a research tool for finding the best online retailers based all over the globe, but founder Leslie Sulman also puts together daily fashion editorials.  From a selection of picks titled “Arm Candy,” our hands-down (hah!) favorite was Noir Jewelry’s cuff mimicking the look of a dino’s rib cage ($450).

20% of the proceeds from the Eternity Circle necklace (from $99) on AHAlife go to charitable organizations.

2.  Eternity Circle necklace on AHAlife:  This necklace (from $99) by From War to Peace is partly crafted out of disarmed nuclear systems.  Twenty percent of its proceeds go to peace and social justice organizations.  We like that approach to this week’s jewelry from AHAlife, a site that offers new luxury styles on a daily basis.

Tripp NYC dress, trending on Svpply, $79.

3.  Tripp NYC dress on Svpply:  Off to a Halloween party but can’t quite bring yourself to don a costume?  Pair this dramatic one-sleeved dress ($79, currently trending on style curation site Svpply) with one of the masks we found last week, and stylishly dodge the question “what are you supposed to be?” on October 31st.

Gigi Burris headband, $125, offered by Of a Kind.

4.  Gigi Burris headband on Of a Kind:  This spiky yet delicate headband ($125) would be a stylish addition to an outfit this weekend.  Sure, a hair accessory doesn’t equal a costume, but the creepy look is in the spirit of things.  Just keep in mind that there’s no head-butting allowed.

Indivie’s envelope clutch makes a nice statement accessory.  Found on L-Atitude, $185.

5.  Indivie Envelope Clutch on L-Atitude:  This clutch ($185), which global shopping site L-Atitude found in Bali, will work for parties this weekend straight through the holidays.  And, owing to its faraway roots, it also makes a useful conversation piece.

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