Hermes Holds 'Family Reunion' for Employees


Did you know that Hermès closed all 24 of its U.S. stores on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday so it could host a “family reunion” for 515 American employees?  Neither did we.  What an effective way to prove its core values as a family-held company.

And of course, it wouldn’t be an Hermès event without scarves!  All 515 attendees were asked to create a look on a 90″ X 90″ silk scarf, which later went on display.  (Some of the designs may also be produced).  In addition, there was a gala dinner to honor top salespeople, which was attended by Bertrand Puech, who chairs the Hermès family holding company.

The event was apparently such a success, the family-owned company hopes to turn the reunion into a triannual affair.  Good thing Hermès is staying in family hands.