Forget the Lackluster Spring '12 Show, Dior Made a Cell Phone

Christian Dior touch phone

Christian Dior is issuing a limited edition cell phone — 99 pieces of the Dior Touch Phone have been made so far.  That’s one way to distract the label’s devotees from the label’s first John Galliano-less ready-to-wear collection.  Last week’s Spring 2012 show was generally deemed pretty but all-around safe.

So, back to the fashion house’s new cell phone, which is much more exciting.  Aside from being covered in either sapphire crystal, steel, gold, diamonds, or mother-of-pearl — and of course, a Dior logo — and starting at a $130,000 price point, it’s almost a normal mobile device!  It runs on an Android operating system, and has a 5 megapixel camera.  (Really, only 5?  We’d expect more for six digits.)

Still, it’s probably not a cell to leave in the back of a cab, or your limo — we can’t imagine Craigslist would help get this one safely returned.