Despite Fraud Fears, Shoppers Increase Their Online Spending

Fraud fear graphic

ThreatMetrix, which provides an online fraud protection platform, and Ponemon Institute, a data privacy and security researcher, surveyed 722 consumers (who self-reported that they actively use the internet) on their online shopping habits and concerns.  Most notably, the survey found that a third of respondents plan to spend more money online than in brick-and-mortar retail settings this year — an all-time high for online shopping.

Gigaom presents all the facts and figures on consumers’ perception of internet shopping security in a highly informative graphic:

Image via Gigaom.

Online shopping’s new high warrants particular kudos since 3/4 of those surveyed also reported being either very concerned or concerned about online fraud.  Despite the worry, it seems the allure of online retail is holding its own.  (Or maybe the fear of online fraud is eclipsed by even more prevalent trends in retail theft).

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