Courreges is The Latest Brand to Be Revamped From Its Archives

Courreges vintage

A Courrèges look from the 1960s.

French fashion house Courrèges, which had its heyday in the Sixties, was recently bought by two investors who are quickly reviving the label.  Unlike the recent revamp of Mugler, which involved speedy modernization via an association with Lady Gaga and the heavily tattooed Zombie Boy, Courrèges’ new owners are looking to rekindle interest in their brand by celebrating and popularizing its archives.

Perhaps influencing their approach is the fact that Jacques Bungert and Frédéric Torloting purchased Courrèges from the original designer, André, and his wife, Coqueline, with whom they dealt personally.  Bungert and Torloting are launching e-commerce next month, which will feature re-issued classics from the house’s 60s looks (think A-line dresses and cropped vinyl jackets) along with unsold clothing pulled directly from the Courrèges vintage stock.

The new owners are also planning to relaunch the house’s former fragrances and issue a limited edition run of one of the line’s original vinyl jackets.

It seems that there are two distinct channels to revamp and/or celebrate longstanding fashion houses.  The first is to embrace contemporary pop culture, like Mugler.  The other lets designers look back to tap into the archives.  Gucci celebrated 90 years in business by re-using some of their original design motifs), Coach launched a capsule collection, Coach Classics, comprised of five reissued original styles, and now, the sixties French fashion house that claims it invented the miniskirt is co-opting its own stock of vintage inventory and re-making its clothes and scents.

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