Cities Battle Over Fashion Week 2013

Versace Spring 2012

In a move that helps nobody, industry organizers in Milan have decided to move up their Spring ’13 fashion week, so that it overlaps with both New York and London’s weeks.  (Since 2008, an agreement between the four fashion week cities has New York start their spring shows on the second Thursday of September, with London, Milan, and Paris showing after, in that order).

New York shows are scheduled to begin on September 13, 2012; London’s on the 21st.  Following Milan’s announcement that their fashion week would start on September 19, in a move proving Parisians might be more akin to Republicans than they ever thought possible, Paris declared they would kick off their shows on the 25th.  Both Milan and Paris claim that 2008 agreement was meant to last three years; Britain and the U.S. maintain it was supposed to be permanent.

If Italy holds it shows during both New York and London’s time on the schedule, and Paris insists on showing right after Milan, the new condensed, double-booked time frame should wreak some interesting havoc with buyers’ and editors’ attendance.   When they’re forced to choose between runways and cities, one big, international fashion rivalry could kick off myriad pettier tiffs.