8 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Money on Flash Sales

The flash sale model’s been around for a good few years now, so it shouldn’t be exciting and overly tempting anymore, right?  Wrong.  From our own experience and the stories of others, it seems there’s a surplus of unnecessary bargain spending going on — the time’s come to stop letting the artificial pressure of the flash sale “get” us.  These tips and tricks should help you hang on to your dollars, even if you do make the rounds of new online sample sales every day.

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8 Ways To Stop Wasting Money On Flash Sales

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  1. Dagan Manahl

    Such welcome news! I really think business wear looks so unfinished without dressing up one’s legs-it’s such a disconnect when a woman looks stylish and tailored from the knees up and then ready for the weekend below…women that complain about hose are clearly wearing the wrong type and that is what makes them uncomfortable and dated. Sheer, patterned, tights, I love the look of a dressy leg.


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