Weekly High Lows: Marc Jacobs Fuels Dior Rumors

Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 runway show


  • The rumors that Marc Jacobs will go to Christian Dior continue.  We’d certainly be interested to see Jacobs create two couture collections a year.  (Vogue UK)
  • Marni will launch its debut fragrance next year.  (Telegraph)
  • Australia’s government is introducing an awards system for magazines, products, and ad campaigns that promote positive body images.  Here’s to Photoshop’s slow demise?  (High Low)

Marc Jacobs takes a bow at the end of his Spring 2012 show.


  • In its continuing fight against LVMH’s potential takeover, Hermès was cleared to create a holding company for its eponymous fashion house.  (NYT)
  • Marc Jacobs might have kicked Lindsay Lohan out of his show’s after-party.  (Gloss)
  • The rising cost of clothing production could signal the end of cheap chic and fast fashion.  (Guardian)

Could the increasing costs of fabric, labor, and transport push fast fashion retailers into more expensive territory?

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