Weekly High Lows: Kate Middleton Might Undo "Kardashian" Influence on NYFW

Kate Middleton


  • Good news: the Fordham University Graduate School of Business crunched the numbers, and Fashion Week helps to benefit the local economy. (NYT)
  • And speaking of Fashion Week, many expect that Kate Middleton’s rise to sartorial prevalence will serve as an “anti-Kardashian” influence on the shows.  (Cut)
  • Meanwhile, runway fans no longer need invites to catch Fashion Week, now that more and more designers are live streaming their shows.  We’ve got the full schedule, which runs through Thursday.  (High Low)

We might see a little more of this kind of style during NYFW this September.


  • Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov, is showing at NYFW, and human rights activists are none too thrilled.  The International Labor Rights Forum is planning to protest during the show.  (Fashionista)
  • John Galliano was found guilty of making racist and anti-Semitic statements, but will not face jail time.  He was fined 6,000 euros.  (Vogue UK)
  • Sorry dudes — you’re now also victims of labels’ vanity sizing, a problem women have been dealing with for years.  (SMH)

As vanity sizing begins to prevail in menswear, guys might need to check their clothing tags.