The Best Times To Buy, Well, Anything Revealed

Best Times to Buy

From Fashionably Marketing comes this infographic on the best times (both in terms of months of the year and days of the week) to buy pretty much any kind of product or service.  We all know we’re supposed to get our winter coats on sale in the summer and our beach gear as the summer dies down and the stock dwindles, but how about paint?  Or a bicycle?   Here’s a rundown of the site’s findings:

  • The aforementioned paint was ranked highest during June through August.  Maybe nobody likes to re-do their houses in the heat?
  • Bicycles, meanwhile, are a good deal in February and March.
  • January is a great month to make all sorts of purchases, from outdoor gear and wrapping paper (it makes sense these would be discounted at this time) to linens and digital cameras.  Oh, and apparently it’s also a good time to have a wedding.
  • August and September were the best months for buying a lawnmower.  Guess the Joneses next door already got theirs (granted, at full price) back in the spring.
  • Maybe you and your significant other should think about re-scheduling date night.  Both hotel rooms and dinner out were deemed good buys on Sundays (dinner was also recommended for Tuesdays).
  • Sunglasses should be purchased on Mondays, while books should be bought on Thursdays.  Why?  We don’t know.
  • Designer clothing ought to be sought out in May — this one makes sense, as spring lines have been in stores for two months at that point and should thus be marked down.

Appliances and electronics were deemed good buys during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving).  If the infographic has its data right, perhaps braving the hellishness of the mall on those madhouse shopping days is actually worth shoppers’ time.

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