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It’s no secret that the coordination of fashion’s many components can be disorganized.  Various businesses have been launching with the goal of streamlining the whole process, from sample selection and delivery between fashion houses, editors, and stylists, all with the click of a mouse.  But what about less tangible industry needs?

Enter Editd, which offers real-time and historical data on the fashion industry for, well, everyone in the fashion industry.  The B2B start-up efficiently connects brands, retailers, and suppliers with an array of information, from a dashboard on current trends to comprehensive runway reports.

Getting into the nitty gritty, retailers can use the service to learn, for instance, about products that are in demand but under-supplied, while brands can access an accrual of consumer opinions culled from social media.  Predicated on the idea that decision-making in the fashion industry has been rooted too heavily in intuition and opinion, data developer Geoff Watts and former designer Julia Fowler seek to offer concrete factual insight into trends, pricing, product success, merchandising, and consumer sentiment.

For laypeople and fashion insiders alike, our favorite (and publicly accessible) aspect of Editd is the “Twenty” — a weekly-updated page with 20 of the Internet’s most talked-about clothes and accessories.  The site analyzes the social media buzz surrounding the items, gathering together the top 20 that garnered the most attention.  Those are posted for your perusal (but the feature is shoppable, too).

Labels and retailers might best employ Editd, meanwhile, to position themselves well as the runway-to-retail cycle speeds up.  As consumers demand product earlier and new outlets spring up to bring it to them, it might be best to keep up based on facts as well as instinct.

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  1. Dhevy

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