Norma Kamali Offers 3D Website, Fashion Show


Norma Kamali has always been ahead of her time, but this year the designer made headlines when she showed a 3D film of her 2012 resort wear collection at NYFW. The audience, clad in cat-eye 3D glasses, went wild for the film, which Kamali later posted on her website, along with some upgrades. Now, with the proper eyewear, customers can shop in 3D, watch Kamali’s 3D runway film, and even play the designer’s 3D fashion game.

To experience it all, you need the right glasses — you can order Kamali’s custom-designed glasses online, or pick them up at her flagship store in NYC. And for those with sore eyes (or a 3D aversion) don’t fret: the site can still be viewed in 2D, if you’d prefer it.

The 3D site is just another innovation in a long list of boundary-pushing moves for Kamali — she was one of the first designers to make a collection for a large discount department store when she teamed up with Wal-Mart, and the first designer to open an online store on eBay. But while partnering with Wal-Mart and eBay are obvious money making moves, we’re not convinced going 3D will sell more clothes — still, it sure is a fashion statement.