Earthquake and Hurricane Cause Marc Jacobs To Delay Show

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011

Marc Jacobs is known in the fashion industry for keeping his audience waiting — he’s often started the show for his eponymous collection about two hours late.  His reputation for running behind even inspired The New York Times to once include start-time speculation when covering his presentation.

So it should come as no surprise that, as Fashion Week approaches, Jacobs re-scheduled his show to the end of the week, citing both Hurricane Irene and the prior week’s East Coast earthquake for causing production delays.  We’re fairly certain Jacobs is the only designer, at least so far, to cite the natural quasi-disasters for making him and his design team get off schedule.

His show will now take place in the evening on September 15th, the day before London Fashion Week kicks off.  Expect to see some Twitter grumbling about this one — though perhaps all the editors and buyers will be as understanding as Marc Jacobs apparently was when he let his staff take the rest of the day off post-quake.