E-Readers Are Saving Mags: Hearst's Downloads Hit 300,000

Hearst digital subscriptions

The magazine publisher Hearst, in advance of Amazon’s tablet launch, announced that their paid digital downloads have passed 300,000 per month, for all of their titles combined.

That number is particularly impressive given that Hearst doesn’t offer combination subscription packages for its print and digital formats.

Those digital sales come from downloads on the iPad, Nook, and Zinio.  (All 19 of Hearst’s titles are available on the Nook and Zinio, and three can be bought for the iPad).  With Amazon’s tablet entering the market, and a Hearst partnership with the online behemoth seemingly confirmed — the publisher’s president, David Carey, hinted that they were “going to get a fourth distribution channel” — Hearst’s healthy digital magazine business should only be further on the upswing.

Are these numbers a sign that fashion magazines are getting back into the black?  We asked, almost a year ago, whether the newest version of the Nook would save fashion magazines.  At any rate, the e-reader and its ilk seems to have given them a worthy boost.

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