Conde Nast to Open London Fashion College

Conde Nast college

This is a smart way for magazines to guarantee someone will design what they want to feature in their pages — have their editors run a school for fledgling designers to hone their skills.

Though it won’t yet offer full undergraduate degrees, Condé Nast in the UK is founding a fashion and design college in London.  The school’s principal will be Susie Forbes, the current editor of Easy Living and a former deputy editor at British Vogue.  When it opens next September, the institution will offer coursework on fashion, decoration, and interior design.  The program may also collaborate with as-yet-unnamed accredited universities.

Would you be interested in learning from editors instead of professors?  We imagine they’d offer unique insight into the various sides of the design world — but more important, those editor-turned-teachers would be a particularly valuable connection for their students entering the fashion industry.