Australian Fashion Week Asks For Manners

sunglasses in the front row

Anna Wintour sports her signature indoor sunglasses in the front row at London Fashion Week.

The designers and producers involved with the Perth Fashion Festival are making their demands for show-goers clear: show up with manners.  Starting with the faux pas of sunglasses worn at night (pointed out by show producer Grant Capriotti), the list represents the highlights of fashion attendees’ typical bad etiquette.

The designer Ange Lang appealed to the audience to stow big bags under seats and be quiet during the total “five minutes” the shows actually go on.  Publicist-turned-designer Shane Newton is entreating his audience not to hold cameras higher than their heads to take pictures, and to actually show up on time (oh, the horror!).  Lara Kovacevich, another designer, pointed out that it’s rude to go through one’s gift bag and even more rude to make off with more than one.

Yikes.  Shouldn’t all these points be obvious?  However, even though Australia’s fashion festivities will probably be spared Lindsay Lohan’s presence, after she reportedly threw a glass at a New York Fashion Week photographer, it’s no wonder that even designers on the other side of the world are calling for attendee etiquette.