Australia To Award Fashion Mags Showing 'Positive Body Images'

Vogue Australia October 2011 cover

Australia’s government just introduced the Positive Body Image Awards, which seek to single out the country’s fashion magazines, web sites, and ad campaigns whose images employ “real” women — aka reasonably-sized models whose images aren’t drastically digitally altered.  Recognition will also go to companies that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to body-image-friendly practices (judging criteria are still be fully determined).

A panel of judges, including an editor from Australian Women’s Weekly and the chair of the Australian Youth Forum, will dole out the awards.  The recipients’ prize will be the right to brand their pages and products with a “Body Image Award Winner” symbol.

This is coming from a country whose Fashion Week recently diversified by including pregnant models (and nope, they were not modeling maternity wear).  Is Australia quietly leading the charge when it comes to including a range of female body types in fashion?  And if so, will other countries follow their lead?

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