Weekly High Lows: Steve Jobs Steps Down As Apple's CEO



  • Karl Lagerfeld is releasing a new women’s fragrance this fall…and it’s going to be called Karleidoscope.  Awesome name, no?  (Elle)
  • In an interview with Forbes, Anna Wintour says she’s not intimidating.  Apparently that’s just a fabrication of the media.  (Forbes)
  • Flash sale site ideeli was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.  Its revenue climbed 40,882% in three years.  (High Low)

Karleidoscope, the upcoming fragrance from Karl Lagerfeld, comes in a kaleidoscope-esque bottle.


  • Due to health problems, Steve Jobs resigned from his post as CEO of Apple.  The company’s COO, Timothy Cook, will take his place.  (NYT)
  • Almost 300 workers fell mysteriously ill at one of H&M’s Cambodian factories.  The plant’s operations have been suspended until next week.  (Reuters)
  • The Hells Angels have initiated another fashion industry lawsuit, this time against a small Los Angeles-based label, Wildfox, and Amazon.  (High Low)

Steve Jobs cited his poor health in his resignation letter to Apple.