Weekly High Lows: FedEx Deliverymen in China Will Wait On Your Doorstep

Clad from Esquire and JC Penney


  • This is great — if you’re doing your online shopping in China. Various e-commerce sites will have FedEx deliverymen wait on the doorstep while buyers try on their orders, and decide whether or not to keep the goods.  (WSJ)
  • Esquire and JC Penney are teaming up on a soon-to-launch men’s e-commerce site, Clad.  Despite the seemingly odd coupling, the site looks like it’s going to be great.  (Racked)
  • Gap’s latest models are their employees.  Design team members and other staffers will appear in short videos, which should provide interesting insight into the brand.  (High Low)

A peek at Clad, coming soon from Esquire and JC Penney.


  • A decision is still pending, but in the ongoing court battle between Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent over the use of red soles, a judge ruled to disregard certain exhibits submitted by YSL.  (Vogue UK)
  • Luxury goods are flying off the shelves, which in itself isn’t a bad thing — but in contrast, mid-range retailers are holding fire sales and can’t raise prices.  (NYT)
  • Here’s another way the daily deals phenomenon may come to an end — customers will become savvy to the “get-what-you-pay-for” mentality.  (High Low)

The YSL vs. Louboutin flap over red soles continues.