Third Party Craigslist Apps Let You Search Goods, Dates

CraigsPro mobile app

Though the desktop version of Craigslist may be almost charmingly low-tech, the Craigslist mobile apps created by third-party developers certainly aren’t.  CraigsPro+ and Craigslist Mobile Ultimate (both for the iPhone) and Craigslist Notification (for Android phones) will let users take their use of the site up a notch through alerts, multi-city searches, and way slicker graphics.

What’s most fun about the apps’ increased capabilities, though, is that they apply across the scope of what Craigslist has to offer.  And, well, the site offers basically everything under the sun — including people!  Want to set up alerts for potentially like-minded strangers looking for dates?  Go for it.  How about a message to make sure you tune in to a Craigslist Rants and Raves political discussion?  Sure.

The way the apps’ uses can be tweaked is an interesting, if accidental, twist on what would otherwise would be just a mobile shopping tool.  Intentionally or not, these programs are seamlessly integrating commerce with community.

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