The 8 Biggest Twitter Meltdowns – Corporate Edition

Making people mad over Twitter: is it the newest way for brands to throw themselves into the spotlight?  Infamy does count for something, particularly since a sincere apology can eventually right most 140-character wrongs — after a company’s received a whole lot of fresh attention. (Sometimes we wonder if these blunders are really total accidents).

Microsoft’s recent ill-advised, self-promotional tweet, regarding Amy Winehouse’s untimely death, reminded us of a number of other company breakdowns on the social media site.  As a point of advice before we dive in, we’d like to note that if there’s one area retailers should undoubtedly keep their resident tweeters away from, it’s current events.  But the blunders go beyond flippant mentions of revolution and homicide.  Let’s take a cautionary look at a range of Twitter meltdowns (and, to be generous, their subsequent apologies).

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8 Company Twitter Meltdowns