Launching E-Commerce And…A Magazine? magazine

If all the online retailers are adding editorial content, why shouldn’t online editorial get into the business of selling fashion?  Though online content and online shopping have gotten so intertwined it seems like it shouldn’t matter which site decides to offer what service first,’s upcoming move into e-commerce still stands out as unusual.

The prevalent fashion site’s endeavor will be closely linked to the runway.  Starting at the end of October, readers will be able to order select items, from six as-yet-unnamed New York designers, from their Spring/Summer 2012 shows this September.  The clothes will be ready for delivery when they’re ordered this fall.  By moving from editorial to retail instead of the other way around, might be bucking one trend, but they’re right on board with another — the ever-narrowing gap between when designers show their collections and when those lines become available.

Any thoughts on who the designers might be?  At least they won’t remain a mystery for too long — in another rogue move, is also going to start publishing a magazine.  It’ll debut at the end of October — just in time to promote the designer wares the site (or shall we say the budding fashion empire?) will be selling.