Samsung & Intel Launch 'Cryptology Meets Social Media' Game


In the interest of “boosting” technology, Samsung and Intel are presenting a joint Boosted campaign on Facebook.  Its latest iteration lets fans play one of the most fun branded Twitter games we’ve seen yet — and win a Samsung Series 9 laptop and $10,000 in gold (no, seriously).  Bet we’ve got your attention!

Here’s the set up of the game, called Tweetcracker: players need to crack a combination, using clues posted by Boosted in the form of Facebook updates and tweets.  The correct combination lets them disarm “lasers” guarding a safe (containing the aforementioed laptop/gold) on Tweetcracker’s designated site.

Okay, so in reality, there’s one more step beyond code-cracking and laser-blasting — those who solve the whole code are entered into a random drawing, and it’s that winner who actually goes home with a new computer and gold bars.

But what’s ingenious about the campaign isn’t the prize, it’s the level of fan-brand engagement.  Players commence by registering their Twitter accounts with Tweetcracker, and every time they solve a clue, they play it by tweeting the new information with the the hashtag #tweetcracker.  These are filtered through the Tweetcracker homepage.  More importantly, to get the clues in the first place, players have to follow Boosted either on Facebook or Twitter (and we think it’s safe to assume that if they’re serious enough about the game, they’re probably keeping track of both).

So, do you find “cryptology meets social media” intriguing?  Would you play the game?