Online Retailer of the Week: Go Try It On

Go Try It On

Marissa Evans founded Go Try It On as a way to field the oft-asked question, “what should I wear?”  Users ask the site’s member community style questions, accompanied by images of themselves sporting the outfit or garment in question.  It’s an effective way to get quick, constructive advice, since, as Evans points out, the “what should I wear” query sans visual can’t really elicit a well-informed response. And today, the company announced they’ve raised $3 million that will be used to, among other things, launch a Personal Stylist Network.

Until now, the site has been oriented around community feedback — users can post questions for everyone, or keep their images private and send them, via email, Facebook, or Twitter, to select friends.  The advising options, however, are about to expand, as Evans and her team roll out big-name partnerships to put a different spin on the GTIO system.  We spoke to Marissa about her company, as well as where the site’s heading next.

High Low: How many users does Go Try It On currently have?

Marissa Evans: We have 250,000 iPhone app downloads, and over 10 million opinions within the community. Our users are 80% female and 30% live outside the USA.

HL:  We like how the site includes a searchable list of brands.  How do they come to be listed on the site? Do you add them as people mention them in their images?

ME: The idea around adding brands to the site is twofold!  Visitors can browse looks by “brand,” and see what outfits are most popular for each brand, what works, what doesn’t.  These brands are added when members tag brands in their looks.

What’s cool is that it’s a real time analytics feed of what brands are most popular and for what events (a date, a night out, etc…) all over the world.

In addition, now the platform supports brands as members, so you can get advice from brands you love — our apparel launch partner is the Gap and our beauty launch partner is Sephora!  You can get advice and have a dialogue with stylists from both brands as if you were in the fitting room or in the store!

HL: In terms of soliciting member advice, is it a lengthy process for becoming a Go Try It On Fashionista or Model?  How many are there of each?

ME: Fashionistas are members who give consistently excellent feedback and reviews — these are members of the community that are like that great best friend who is always stylish, always honest with you, and helps you look great.

Models are members who consistently get very high scores on their looks – they seem to know how to pull an outfit together each and every time! Look to them for inspiration…

What’s so exciting about our upgraded community experience is now you can add others as your “Personal Stylist” – this means you are building out your own stylist network and you can ask for advice from specific members, whether they be your best friend from high school, your sister who lives across the country or an up-and-coming stylist you discover in the community! The idea being to always get you feedback as close to instantly as possible, and it should always be honest and helpful.

HL: So, can you tell us a bit about the site’s new initiatives?

ME: “Will you be my Personal Stylist” is the initiative we are most excited about. In addition to adding your friends and community members, you can now add brands who are verified on the platform — kicking off with Gap and Sephora.

HL: What are some of your favorite success (or simply funny) stories from Go Try It On?

ME: At one point we had a member upload “looks for a blind date.” The community was really active and involved in helping her pick the option she looked best in! There was a lot of back and forth.  She then came back a few days later and uploaded new looks for the “second date” which everyone was excited about because it seemed as though the outfit pick went well (as did the date!).

We also see a lot of people upload looks, then take the feedback and suggestions they get into consideration, and then try again – they always really improve the look and get higher scores! It’s great to see the power of helpful, unbiased crowds at work.

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