New $18K Flip-Flops (& Other Outrageously-Priced Items)

Flip Flops

At $18,000, the world’s most expensive pair of flip-flops carries a pretty hefty price-tag – but on the plus side, the proceeds do support a worthy cause.

The uber-expensive footwear is a joint project by the LA-based Chipkos company and artist David Palmer, part of the “Chipkos Stand for Square Feet Campaign” initiative. With the sale of each pair, Chipkos pledges to adopt 100,000 square feet of Costa Rican rainforest.

The flip-flops are hand-painted by artist David Palmer, who drew inspiration from nature for the design. In addition, the shoes come accompanied with an original artwork from Palmer, a stay at the LEEDS-certified Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, and are packaged in a salvaged wood and glass case, so you can exhibit your pricey purchase on the wall.

And all this got us thinking: if the world’s most expensive flip-flops are priced at a staggering $18,000, what other astronomically priced goods are out there? Here’s a list of five other common household items boasting truly outrageous price tags.

1. $62,000 lipstick: Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick. The refillable lipstick case is made of 110 grams of solid 18-carat yellow gold and is adorned with 199 diamonds (2.2 carats). It comes with its own lip brush, suede pouch, and black lacquered case.

2. $80,000 lighter: S.T. Dupont’s Ligne 2 Champagne Lighter. This lighter is made entirely out of 18-carat solid white gold and has 468 encrusted diamonds—what’s more, there are only 352 of these lighters that have ever been made.

3. $114,464 bicycle: Arumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition. There are only ten of these Swarovski-covered, gold-plated bikes available in the world and half of them have already been sold! Also available?A gold-plated wall rack.

4. $730,000 pen: Van Cleef & Arpels and Montblac’s Mystery and Masterpiece Pen. Why does this pen cost more than your average house? Because it boats solid white gold, and is outfitted with more than 20 carats of either rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, and is encrusted with 840 diamonds.

5. $8,000,000 cell phone: Stuart Hughes’ iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition. It’s the outside that counts on this diamond-drenched iPhone 4. The phone was hand-tailored for a businessman in Australia and boasts more than 100 carats of 500 flawless diamonds. The Apple logo is composed of rose gold and the home button is one 7.4 carat pink diamond set in platinum.

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